From the Ground Up does more than just roof cleaning!

We also provide the following services:

*House Washing*
This is a soft washing process that is similar to roof cleaning. We use a cleaning solution to kill the algae and fungus that is growing on your siding. Then we give the siding a light rinse. Pressure can cause water to get behind vinyl siding, causing mold to grow and wood to rot.

Here are the sufaces we soft wash:



*Concrete/Masonry Cleaning*
We use a special concrete surface cleaner that effectively restores the look of your concrete to a "like-new" condition.


*Exterior Gutter Cleaning*
We can restore the look of your old, dirty, black gutters. The white painted gutters and downspouts will shine like brand new again after our special cleaning process.

*Deck Cleaning*
We can bring your deck back to life!


*We Can Now Remove Those Brown Looking Rust Stains*

To inquire about these services please call: 631-220-6985